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keiji heng [userpic]


24th March 2009 (20:50)

rrurrrrCollapse )

keiji heng [userpic]

new girl

7th March 2009 (21:38)

so...people have been asking me who am i having a r/s with after my facebook status change.

she moved in with me last night and will be here till may.

guess it's time to make known my new live in girlfriend...Collapse )

hurhur. beautiful, isn't she?

anyway, a good supper treat for me would be koko krunch with meiji low-fat milk.
an even better supper treat is...baileys koko krunch!

sure to sleep better after eating.

keiji heng [userpic]

something for all of us

25th February 2009 (17:15)

our country is a garden,
and such gardens are not made,
by singing "oh how beautiful",
lyding idly in the shade.

- Rudyard Kipling

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quality over quantity

19th February 2009 (12:27)

there is no need (for me) to grab the first living thing that comes along.

keiji heng [userpic]

ziyi = hotness. ziyi + qipao = ...

17th February 2009 (01:19)

caught forever enthralled in the evening. other than being captivated by chen kaige's storytelling, my eyes were on zhang ziyi when she appeared.

couldn't find better snapshots of her in that red cheongsam. she looked gorgeous in it. 

more eyecandy from other movies

Ziyi Zhang as Bai Ling<br />Photo: Wing Shya/Sony Pictures Classics 


i'll leave the photos showing off her back to myself. =p~

keiji heng [userpic]

(no subject)

12th February 2009 (01:16)

am so glad that i don't have to give mike a lecture-disguised-as-feedback on servicescape and brand image/message consistency.

and mr could you put my cover of darling jenny face down on the dining table?!?!?!

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(no subject)

22nd January 2009 (01:09)

having to co-exist with other people can be such a bother sometimes

keiji heng [userpic]

let's party

14th January 2009 (14:09)

as if it's not hard enough that the semester has been squeezed into 10wks, the exams had to fall in between xmas and my birthday.

i.e. keiji's brain is so totally away on holiday period.

project submission and 1 more paper to go...

anyway i've been preparing for my future move to shanghai by hanging out with the chinese nationals in sch trying to make my mandarin more fluent and picking up business terms. and most of them asked where i picked up my mandarin cos it sounds better than most of the s'poreans they've come across. hurhur. must go tell zhang laoshi.

maybe i should ask that pretty and smart vietnamese girl to teach me some viet too.

2009's goal: keiji will be export worthy.

keiji heng [userpic]


4th January 2009 (14:16)

i should thank whoever's still my friend after all these years.
i flitter from group to group once in a while because i can't be around the same people for a long period of time.
i do get some grief about being a horrible friend since i can't be bothered when i'm staying away, but they readily take me back in when i trot back.
of course, i pay in missing out a lot bonding et al, but there are people that really grate on my nerves and i need to recharge my patience.

thank you.

keiji heng [userpic]

looking forward...

19th December 2008 (17:50)

all i want for christmas is yoUUUuuuUUuuuUUUUUUu

and all i want for my birthday is an nvidia 9000 series 256/512mb graphics card
(any manufacturer is fine),
2gb ddr2 memory chips,
and grand theft auto iv pc version!
ok maybe a 1tb hard disk too.
but that's not urgent at all.

my inner computer geek geekiest request ever.

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